Guest quotations

  • Feng Ying Chen (Research Fellow, China Institute of modern international relations)

    We are a developing country and we must have the right to speak and influence in global governance.

  • Jiang Shao Gao (former deputy editor in chief of people's daily)

    Fang Linxin Ye urged Chen Ye to make waves before the water, and the people's daily had a vast world.

  • Guest Xie Chuntao (vice president of the Central Party School of the CPC)

    The essence of Xi Jinping's socialist thought with Chinese characteristics in the new era is to create happiness for the people and to revive the nation.

  • Guest Hua Liming (ambassador to the United Arab Emirates and Iran)

    President Xi Jinping's speech has important historical significance, which is an upgraded version of the relationship between China and Arabia countries.

  • Zhang Xian Ying (deputy editor in chief of people's daily)

    "Thirty stresses" system, popularity and authority are "timely rain" for cadres and masses to learn.

  • Guest Ning Ning (former deputy editor in chief of people's daily)

    The 70th anniversary starting point of the people's daily is a new starting point, which is more satisfactory to the central government, so that people can welcome it and let the world pay close attention to it.

  • Guest Liang Zhenying (vice chairman of CPPCC)

    Hongkong should constantly adjust its functions and continue to serve the country's reform and opening up in the new era.

  • Qi Ming (director, Department of business administration, inspection department, Customs General Administration)

    The General Administration of Customs supports the integrity and healthy development of enterprises, and further creates an honest, trustworthy, convenient and efficient business environment for import and export.

  • Liu Bao Lai (former ambassador to Jordan, United Arab Emirates)

    President Xi's visit is very impressive, fruitful and highlights. This visit is very successful.

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