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Constantly challenging yourself and moving the market with sincerity.
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  • Data map: Dong Mingzhu's visit to the people's website
  • Data map: Dong Mingzhu's visit to the people's website

Interview Brief

Constantly challenging yourself and moving the market with sincerity.

Time: 2018-11-26 09:00:00
Location: People's net
Introduction: Recently, Dong Mingzhu, chairman and President of Zhuhai GREE electrical appliances Limited by Share Ltd, visited the people's website and shared her struggle stories and experiences with netizens. Welcome to your attention!

Interview background

This year is the 40th anniversary of reform and opening up, and a great number of outstanding entrepreneurs have been achieved through reform and opening up. In order to further carry forward the spirit of outstanding entrepreneurs in the whole society and give full play to the demonstration and driving effect of entrepreneurs, the people's network has launched a series of "talk about the chairman's life". This interview is invited to Dong Mingzhu, chairman and President of GREE electric Limited by Share Ltd, Zhuhai.

Interview news

    The spirit of entrepreneurship and the life of chairman. This year is the 40th anniversary of reform and opening up. With China's reform and opening up, a large number of outstanding entrepreneurs have been achieved. Dong Mingzhu, from a grass-roots salesperson to the head of 100 billion enterprises, is known as the "Iron Lady" by the outside world, and her legendary life attracts the public's attention. Some people joked that Dong Mingzhu's place was "no grass", so what made her come to today?

    Moving the market with sincerity

    In the 90s of last century, Dong Mingzhu came to Zhuhai and came to GREE. In 1992, she achieved about 16000000 sales, accounting for 1/8 of the company's sales. Because of the good performance, the company decided to let Dong Mingzhu open up the Nanjing market. A year later, Dong Mingzhu refreshed his record with a about 36000000 sales performance, which is still excellent even in 20 years. She used figures to show her amazing sales ability.

    Such a success can be derived from Dong Mingzhu's unique insight into sales. Many people think that sales are usually based on rhetoric, especially in that era by singing, dancing, Cara OK, eating, drinking and drinking. But in Dong Mingzhu's view, this relationship based on eating and drinking is not long, or even very short. She believes that business must be sincere, and use good faith to impress the market. "Let your products be on the hands of merchants and put them into the market as soon as possible so that consumers can use them. So at that time, I was different from other business people. Others were dealing with business circles. I dealt with salesmen, and there was a big breakthrough in that year.

    Stick to principles and push brands

    "Nothing can't be done unless you have obstacles in your mind. If you choose to compromise and not challenge, you will not feel stressed. "

    On the way to build a brand, Dong Mingzhu encountered obstacles one after another, but she was not afraid.

    In the early days of struggle, many salesmen chose to speculate in order to get money fast, and she had to choose to stick to brand integrity. At that time, GREE's predecessor was Haili, relying on the purchase of spare parts for air conditioning assembly and sales. Some people will choose to drill the gap, find a place, rent a site, change the trade mark, and earn more than two thousand or three thousand yuan per machine. In Dong Mingzhu's opinion, this behavior is personal wealth, but for brands, it is hurt. So at that time, she felt that her duty was to make the brand well and to work hard to maintain it.

    "If you eat together, you can't be stressed. The biggest pressure is to choose whether to stick to principles. Firm belief helped her to help GREE transform its brand.

    Willing to bear the loss to succeed.

    Every successful enterprise has its own way of success. Dong Mingzhu also uses his experience to remind the latecomers, especially young people, who will encounter many difficulties in their growth process. The biggest difficulty is their inner world. It is possible to believe that your dream is for society or for helping others realize their dreams. In the process of realizing your dreams, do not think about opportunistic thinking every day, but rather be willing to undertake and learn to lose, in order to really succeed.

    Do not float impetuous, persist in the end, let your ideas landing. A person who has a strong heart and treats others sincerely can attract co authors and retain collaborators and support each other on the road to success. "At the beginning of dealing with people, it may be that the appearance attracts the other person, but why can't it last long? It's because of the inner faith: sincerity. " Dong Mingzhu said.

    Interview guests

    Guest Dong Mingzhu
    Chairman and President, GREE electric Limited by Share Ltd, Zhuhai

    Video interview

    Paying tribute to the spirit of Entrepreneurship: an interview with Chairman Dong Mingzhu

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