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Challenge yourself with honesty and impress the market
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Challenge yourself with honesty and impress the market

Time: 2018-11-26 09:00:00
Brief introduction: Recently, Zhuhai GREE electric Limited by Share Ltd chairman and President Dong Mingzhu visit, and friends to share her story and experience. Welcome attention!

Background interview

This is the 40 anniversary of reform and opening up, the achievements of the reform and opening up a large number of outstanding entrepreneurs. To further promote the outstanding entrepreneur spirit in the whole society, entrepreneurs play a demonstration effect, will launch a special tribute to the entrepreneurial spirit about the chairman of life "series of chat show. Invite the interview to the Zhuhai GREE electric Limited by Share Ltd chairman and President Dong Mingzhu.

News interview

    Salute about entrepreneurship, chairman of life. This is the 40th anniversary reform and opening up, along with China's reform and opening up, the achievements of a large number of outstanding entrepreneurs. Dong Mingzhu, a salesman from the grassroots to the head of one hundred billion enterprise, known as the "Iron Lady" Miss Dong, her legendary life attracted public attention. Someone joked that Dong Mingzhu through the "desert", so what is she went today?

    Impress the market with integrity

    In 90s of last century, Dong Mingzhu came to Zhuhai, came to the GREE. In 1992, her sales to reach about 16000000, accounting for 1/8 of the total sales of the company. For better performance, the company decided to let Dong Mingzhu to open up the market in Nanjing. A year later, Dong Mingzhu in more than 3600 sales to refresh their records, the sales performance even in 20 years is still very good today. She demonstrated their ability for digital sales.

    To get the results from the Dong Mingzhu original ideas for sales work. Many people think that sales is usually rely on blandishments, especially at that time, by singing and dancing, Cara OK, wine and dine relationships. But in Dong Mingzhu's view, this relationship is established on the basis of the wine and dine are not for a long time, even a very short. She believes that doing business must be sincere, impress the market with integrity. "Let your product into the market as soon as possible in the business on hand, and allow consumers to use. So, when I talk to other business people are not the same, others are dealing with the District, I is dealing with the salesperson, the year sales have a great breakthrough."

    Adhere to the principle of brand

    "Do not go on things, unless you heart disorder. You choose to compromise, not to challenge, will not feel the pressure."

    On the way to build the brand, Dong Mingzhu met along the way a hindrance, but she had no fear.

    In the early struggle, a lot of sales in order to fast money, choose the speculation, and she should choose to adhere to the brand integrity. At that time, GREE's predecessor named Haley, rely on to buy air conditioning parts assembly sales. Some people will choose to drill this loophole, find a place to rent a place, mark a change, a machine can earn two thousand or three thousand dollars. This kind of behavior in the view of Dong Mingzhu, man is rich, but in terms of brand is hurt. So, when she felt the responsibility should be the brand well, and hard to maintain.

    "If everyone with bread, you may not have the pressure. The maximum pressure is to choose not to adhere to the principle of." The firm faith to help her complete the transformation of the brand name.

    Willing to assume willing to suffer to succeed

    Behind every successful company has his own success. Dong Mingzhu also used his experience to remind newcomers, especially young people will encounter many difficulties in the process of growth, one of the biggest difficulties is their inner world. You have to believe that your dream is to achieve the dream of the society or to help others, is likely to be successful. In the dream, not every day pondering opportunistic, but to learn to suffer, willing to bear, can be truly successful.

    Don't float about, insisted in the end, let your thoughts landing. Have a strong heart and sincere person, to attract and retain the cooperation, mutual support in the struggle on the road, until success. "At the beginning of dealing with people may be attracted to each other, but in the end why not to cooperate? It is because of a belief within: sincerely." Dong Mingzhu said.

    Interview guests

    Guests Dong Mingzhu
    The chairman and President of Zhuhai GREE electric Limited by Share Ltd

    Video interview

    To pay tribute to the spirit of entrepreneurs about life chairman Dong Mingzhu interview

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