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Hardship, is everyone must face
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The interview.

Hardship, is everyone must face

Time: 2018-12-06 14:00:00
Brief introduction: Recently, Lining Group Chairman Lining guest, to share his entrepreneurial experience and stories with friends. Welcome attention!

Background interview

This is the 40th anniversary reform and opening up, reform and opening up the achievements of a large number of outstanding entrepreneurs. To further promote the outstanding entrepreneur spirit in the whole society, entrepreneurs play a demonstration effect, will launch a special tribute to the entrepreneurial spirit about the chairman of life "series of chat show. This interview is invited to the Lining Group Chairman Lining.
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News interview

    He was the world champion forty years ago, is the pride of Chinese people, created the world gymnastics history myth, has fourteen times in the world championship, winning more than 100 gold medals; ten years ago, he was holding the Olympic torch once again let the world witness the charm of Chinese; this year, his products on the world market. Once again the stunning four. He was the prince of gymnastics Lining, today's Lining Group Chairman Lining.

    Athletes not to endure hardship

    "40 years of reform and opening up 40 years I was growing up." Lining believes that their own growth and the reform and opening up policy has a close relationship. He believes that 40 is 40 years of reform and opening up its people to participate in the competition. Before him as an athlete, have the opportunity to participate in international competitions, participate in sports competition in the world level and achievements; retired after having the opportunity to do business, to participate in market competition, only today's Lining brand. This 40 years, the most valuable for Lining is that you can participate in the competition.

    To participate in the competition must learn to endure hardship. For example, as an athlete, training every day is the most important content, also part of the time in learning culture course. Regardless of seasons, get up at six o'clock every morning exercises, basic skills training. After breakfast the morning to continue training, culture classes in the afternoon, evening or afternoon training, culture class, from the morning until ten at night, are busy learning and training.

    Lining believes that the hardship, everyone is the same. Not hard-working athletes, but the athlete in sports, training and competition, to endure hardship and adhere to the spirit of more intuitive and more thorough.

    Do business relies on self management

    "Whether you are before engaging in any industry, scholars, actors and athletes, everyone will encounter difficulties in the process of entrepreneurship, to bear hardships and hard process." Lining said.

    Lining believes that doing business is difficult to find the demand, and constructed according to the requirements of the supply, find the balance between supply and demand. Then, the cost of digestion, profit. For example, in the initial stage of entrepreneurship, although the brand and the product has been done, but it is difficult to sell products. It is not easy to sell part of the payment, between the enterprise arrears is a headache. Create a product is not easy to sell a product and create profit even more easily. Do a business is difficult: are you satisfied the needs of the people, but also to meet their needs. To meet the demand is not profitable, but also to create a profit.

    To solve these difficulties when compared to athletes, entrepreneur's social life by self management more. The nature of the work to get up early, you may decide to travel, not the law of life. In this case, you need to ensure adequate sleep, exercise, so as to have a healthy body to solve the difficulties encountered in the entrepreneurial process.

    Now is a good time for the development of sports

    The sports industry in addition to the economic base, also requires a high degree of urbanization and create the atmosphere of physical exercise. With the reform and opening up, great changes have taken place in China society, urbanization level, economic level is much higher than 30 years ago. The masses of the people for sports awareness and understanding has changed at all, sports is not only for the topic, but with health, entertainment, social networking, which belongs to a healthy lifestyle.

    Lining pointed out that sports can not only bring to the body health, but also promote physical and mental health. People will feel the joy of participating in the movement process, stimulate the inherent potential. In addition, many sports is a group project, but also to promote the movement of the family, colleagues and social exchanges, build a platform for the establishment of mutual trust. The future, I believe there will be more people to join a variety of sports and physical exercise. So, now do mass sports training and promotion, is a very good time.

    "Doing business is a high degree of difficulty, to start, first of all to have passion, no passion, no goal, no dream is very difficult. At the same time, but also have the courage and perseverance. So we have passion to imagine, have the power to go ahead, have the courage to bear, to bear all kinds of difficulties." Lining added.

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