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A national dining and training secret behind a roast duck
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  • Xing Ying, chairman of China Quanjude Group (Limited by Share Ltd)
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Interview Brief

A national recipe for food and drink behind a roast duck

Time: 2018-12-28 08:30:00
Location: People's net
Introduction: In December 2018, Xing Ying, chairman of Limited by Share Ltd of Quanjude Group (Group), visited the people's website to communicate with netizens on the theme of "witnessing the development and change of China's catering industry". This interview is one of the 40th anniversary series of interviews to witness the reform and opening up. It is co sponsored by the people's network public opinion data center, the people's power forum and Tencent video.

Interview background

In 1978 -2018, forty years of reform and opening up, born in different times and from different fields, it has different feelings about the forty years of reform and opening up. In the 40th anniversary series of talk show of "witness" reform and opening up, experts and scholars, business leaders, science and technology talents, sports celebrities, entertainment stars, civilian heroes and other representatives will discuss and talk together, presenting forty years' evidence of different reforms and opening up.
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Guest Xing Ying
Chairman of China Quanjude Group (Limited by Share Ltd)

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